About Me

Welcome to my website, here you can find some information about me.

Who are you ?

My name is Leonardo, but people in generally call me Leo.
On the web my nickname is Meth0d and I'm the owner of this website!

Where do you live ?

I currently live on an 'island' located in Brazil's northeast.
It's such a great place to live, the only problem is the hot weather.

What do you do ?

I'm a college student, programmer and gamer on freetime. I code softwares and websites for fun (and also to make some extra money).
On 2016 I join the GTA V Modding Community and created some cool mods, like AddonPeds, AddonProps and more than 60 game peds.


PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, C#, Javascript & jQuery

A picture of mine and my cat