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Hello, you can talk to me using the comments area of this page.
Feel free to say what you want, if you need help, suggestions…

What are you waiting for ? Let’s talk!

17 thoughts on “Talk to Meth0d

    • Hi, AddonPeds Editor 3.0 works in any directory/part of your PC, but I recommend to put it on GTA V main folder.
      AddonPedsVars.xml must be together with AddonPeds Editor.exe

  1. some part of the map missing If I add more streamed ped(or maybe if I reach a certain amount of ped like 30…. (I have 3 streamed peds and 25 normal peds right now)
    any idea how to solve this ?

    • That’s the first time I heard something about…
      Can you give me the part of the map that is missing ? A part of Los Santos ?

      In fact I didn’t test the mod using more than 30 peds, so maybe because of that I never got this bug..

  2. Hello Meth0d.
    Thank you very much for the mod.
    I was wondering though, if I could spawn an added ped instead of changing my character?

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