AddonPeds 3.0 by Meth0d

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Requirements
  • 3. Installation
  • 4. Adding Peds
  • 5. F.A.Q
  • 6. Credits & More

  • 1. Introduction

    Thanks for downloading AddonPeds, a mod that allow GTA V users to add new peds/skins to the game without replace any file. Here are some things you need to know before we go to the next steps.

    2. Requirements

    You will need the following mods/tools installed to run AddonPeds:

    3. Installation (Using mods folder method)

    4. Adding Peds

    Before we start, keep in mind that GTA V has two types of peds, the normal and streamed peds. Aware of the ped differences, let's start! Follow the steps to add your addon-peds to the game.

    5.Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

    Here are some questions about the mod:

    6. Credits & More

    This mod was developed by Leo a.k.a Meth0d in order to be useful in some way for GTA V players and modders.

    Do you want more GTA V mods ? Visit and download all my other mods (peds, tools, maps, weapons...)

    If you want to support my modding stuff feel free to be my Patreon, visit

    Want to show some gratitude ? Make a Donation via Paypal, any value is welcome, this will help me to keep updating these tools and also modding.

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